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Who we are

The church was started by Mrs Emily Waring on October the 16th in 1939. The meetings were held in the front room of her house on Greens Road.

As the number of people attending increased to more than 30 adults and 70 children a new building was required. This was built for £3000 on the same site where the current building is situated. The new building was opened October 16th 1948. It was known as the Keresley Heath Mission hall.

However within 10 years this building was replaced with a new one which was again built by volunteers. The new building was completed and opened December 22nd 1958.

In the 1960's, the church came into fellowship with the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland. Over the years, the church has sent out pastors, teachers, evangelists and missionaries into the work of God.

In recent years the church was renamed, 'Immanuel Christian Centre', this has been shortened to 'ICCkeresley' and is the name it is now generally known by in the community. 

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ICCkeresley is an

Assemblies of God church

The Assemblies of God is a Pentecostal denomination that has been serving the people of Great Britain since 1924. As a movement of churches we believe that Jesus is still working in His church through the power of His Spirit to change people's lives for the better. To this end we seek to build churches that demonstrate God's love to our communities in a practical and relevant way.

In recognition of the fact that we are only a small part of the Universal Church, the Assemblies of God seek to work with the many different expressions of the Church of Jesus Christ in the UK and across the world.

Links with other churches / organisations

In the course of our ministry we have formed close fellowship links with the following churches:

  • Locally:

    • Christian Life Ministries, Parkside, Coventry.

    • Northpoint Church, BellGreen, Coventry.

    • Life Church, Bulkington Road, Bedworth.

    • Allesley Park Evangelical Church

  • United Kingdom:

    • The Evangelical Alliance

  • Internationally:

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